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Money problems today are something that every other Croat has encountered. The number of blockages has not increased significantly in the last three years, but that is why I am almost 50 percent more debt than it was. Interest on debts is rising so much that debtors are unable to repay it.

The debt alone amounts to more than HRK 42 billion. Money problems are unfortunately also to blame for the great wave of emigration that has been shaking our Beautiful for the last few years. The number of emigrants is speculated on a daily basis, but by some estimates there are between 350,000 and half a million people. Primarily, these are young families who went to Germany, Ireland and the Scandinavian countries for a loaf of bread.

Single-member households that do not earn enough to cover basic living expenses are most at risk. Many are therefore borrowing and investing in a current account minus interest rate of around 10 percent. It is a big burden that is not easy to get out of, so it is not surprising that monetary problems have become part of our daily lives.

Minimize costs wherever you can

Gaining control of your finances is the first step in solving money problems. These are not easy steps, but not impossible. Money problems can be the result of insufficient knowledge of one’s own income and expenses. People are not aware of where the money is leaking from the wallet. Once you have the insight, you will see what you can save.

For example, there might be fees and membership fees for things you don’t use, throwing out expensive coffees at work, and the like.

When buying things, you should always have a purchase plan in place to avoid money problems. Shopping lists save your home budget. It is best to keep track of the special offers offered on a weekly basis by the stores, to buy larger packages as they are more cost-effective in the long run and always go to the store. Without a list, the evidence is more “out of the way” and they buy unnecessary things.

Solve monetary problems with fast lending methods

money CASH

One of the ways that money problems can be put in order is by supplementing your home budget. These can be part-time jobs, selling clothing and footwear you no longer wear, planting your own vegetables instead of buying them, and the like. If this is not an option, there are always quick financial injections that credit companies have in their offers.

They make it quick and easy to borrow money within 24 hours, which is extremely important in the case of monetary problems. Such express lending methods are ideal for covering sudden budgetary gaps. They return quickly and do not require the involvement of guarantors, co-debtors or the employer.

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