Billy Joe Goes Green

We have been following Billie Joe for awhile now. He is someone who is know for keeping up with trends and beings “jonndownload (2)y on the spot” with certain things.

He has played Earth Fest and other environmental festivals, and a close source who lives near him says that Billie is going solar! Thats right, his Miami and his LA mansion will both be strapped to the nines with PV panels.

I have a friend that went solar recently. For those of you know who know, I have just moved to New Mexico. This friend was able to save tons of money on their energy bill by going solar. I wanted to know ” How much does solar cost?”.. The costs are usually pretty high, but not out here.

Billie must have gotten an awesome deal and he is an awesome role model for going solar and saving the planet. Another post coming soon about our sexy billie boy.

ACL Live!

I was in Austin, TX last week for Austin City Limits music festival. It was incredible to watch and an incredible show-both weekends. It’s too bad our favorite band Green Day wasn’t able to play thisACL year. But while I was there, not only was I able to hook up with a few chicks and feel like my old self again but it was an incredible thing to go out and see the commotion around the city. All the people, crowds, incredible food- it’s just incredible site. Being a small and lonely Ohio boy, it’s always good to get out of Cincinnati area.

But one of the nights we happened to take a party bus downtown and hang out at a bar until late at night. What happened that night was really incredible–I was able to hang out with Florence from Florence + the machine at the small little diner. Not just hang out with her, but we got into an in-depth conversation that lasted about two hours. I was with my friend Isaiah and we literally ate hamburgers with her. How cool, huh? Everybody else around us like, who is that guy with florence and the machine.

A Homage


googinsI had a friend. His name was Jackie, and we were great buddies. My friend Nick, Myself and Jackie had a punk band back in the 90’s and we were called “Overcooked Cheeseburgers”. Weirdly enough, it was a super catchy name and people loved it. But we had a fierce rivalry with another local band called “The Dads”. We were both the hit local punk bands and we were constantly trying to out-do each other. We had a guitarist named Jimmy Schneider, Singer in Chris Chasson and I was drummer. Our bassist in Chucky Ferins, was having lots of family issues (his mom and dad divorced and they were poor) and he wanted to leave the band. I haven’t seen him since those days, but I heard he went into the navy.

Anyways, we took on another bassist and his name was Dave Googins. Dave was a hilarious dude, but very weird. He had a huge mohawk, but should shred the hell out of a bass. He would always say that he knew Tre Cool, the drummer of Green Day, and we would all look at each other. We had strong notions that he was a serial liar, and just cemented hi in our brains as compulsive in this regard. But anyways, it wasn’t until one day our boy Billie Joe showed up to play a local arena and we all went as a band. It was glorious. After the show, we wanted Dave to go talk to his buddies. He said “ I will”. We walked up near the stage mid-show and Dave started waving to Tre. Tre saw and pulled him up on stage! Can you believe it, he wasn’t lying! The bassist of Green Day gave him the guitar and he played basketcase with them live. We all stood there with our jaws dropped.

I wanted to post this story as a homage to Dave Googins, because we never believed him, when he was telling the truth. I found out recently that he committed suicide, and my heart goes out to his family…

His funeral services will be held soon and all are welcome to carpool, take a limousine with us, or find your own rides!!

Billie Joe Armstrong Loves Cars?

Who knew that billie loved cars? I sure didn’t! Not only does he love his automobiles but he frequently buys them and lieks to remodel them! I one saw Greenday play a show in Providence, Rhode Island. They were all so amped up and young about their accomplishments, My roommate Alex told me that he went to that concert and he had the best time of his life. He loves trying to hang out with celebrity gays, because he himself is gay. He describes himself as the lion of gays- I know its weird! Anyways, he is a great person and said that he saw Billi Joe (our boy) last week. He was so excited. He was able to get his autograph and hung it on his wall!

I will be finishing this story when Alex and I ome down from the high that we’ve experience recently… check back soon….

Gay Rights Celebration

So today, something incredible has happened in the US- the United States Supreme Court has decided that no state can deny same sex marriages and deem them illegal in that state. It over-rules every states law against it, allowing gays and homosexuals around to wed.

But I wrote this post because I wanted to see what everyone thought about it? I am happy for all of them, and Billie Joe in general, because I don’t really care. I’ve never cared about things that are outside of my own business- for example, if 2 gays want to get married, why the hell would I care, one way or the other? My only concern is that the law can be exploited for tax purposes. Have you ever seen, ” I now pronounce you, Chuck and Larry”? You will know what I mean. This is my only concern. But other than that, I am happy for them.

In a rough few years for the US economy (giving us a bad name), I am actually proud of my country. It hasn’t been that often recently where I have been able to say that, and I choose to do so about it now. Its a great thing… I want to hear your thoughts an opinions about it as well. Reach out to me via  my contact info

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Billy Joe And Gay Rights!

billieBillie Joe Armstrong is an incredible individual! One of the most incredible things that he’s done, other than make great music, is come out of the closet. In this day and age, it’s incredible that anybody ever does. To admit your homosexuality is something that must be so hard, it’s beyond comprehension. And for that reason, this weeks post is about Billy Joe, outside of music!

It was an incredible thing to see a Green Day show a few months ago, in which I was so surprised at his showmanship. In a completely non-homophobic way, I couldn’t help but notice how he pranced around the stage. He pranced around on the stage in a way, which has any manly man thinking, “ is that dude gay”? It never mattered that someone was gay to me, but someone can put off that vibe. I looked up a bunch of info about my favorite singer after I got back to my house and found that he actually indeed was gay!

Gotta Love Me Some Green Day

I remember being a kid, running around the fields in Wyoming, listening to my favorite band- G daygreen day! The were such a good band back then, and got big right at the right time (when punk music was growing).  People can criticize the fact that maybe they have sold out and made unoriginal music– But to me they are still the best!

I remember when Dookie came out. I was running around the fields with my headphones on, listening to basket case. It was pure bliss. I couldn’t get enough of it. Thank god my Sony Walkman had a repeat button or else  I would have had to manually keep playing it all day… but in any case, I love Green day.

The Show Must Go On!

guitarWelcome to Paradise! Well, its not quite paradise right now, but it will be soon! The FCC Shut us down, like the rotten pigs that they are.  I will have more (underwritten) images and facts about green day and rock music back up here in a jiff… We know you’ll have the”time of your life”!!!